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Day 120 of 365: GRATITUDE

Missouri River at sunset (grass in foreground)

Day 120: GRATITUDE! Today’s topic! I have written about gratitude probably more than anything else. I think it is so important to be grateful for the things that people do for you! Recently I was searching for someone to do an internship with me where I learn the business of photography. I was having difficulty finding anyone to help, as strange as that may seem.

After a week of trying on my own, I recruited the help of a professional photography association and from that point on I was getting photographers reaching out to me. I cannot be more thankful for those kind people that wanted to help me. I am still dumbfounded about why they would not call me back before. I was getting a tainted view of other photographers for a while and it was not pretty. Now I have changed my attitude about them and it is all good now! There are good people in this world, believe it or not!

Do you have a story that changed your notions about something or someone? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Day 120 of 365: GRATITUDE

  1. This photo is stunning! I am confident there will be some mutual learning involved. I am thrilled it worked out for you. : )

    1. Me too!

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