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Day 123 of 365: Mind of your Own


Day 123: Topic: Get a mind of your own! As I look at my smart and lovely daughter, I think of a woman who definitely knows what she wants and knows what she thinks! One of my pet peeves, in this day and age, are people who DO NOT have a mind of their own.

People that parrot the thoughts and opinions of others. There are certain news outlets and newspapers that are experts at it. Group think is so unfortunate! We are raising a generation of mindless robots. I am so glad that my daughter is nearly done with her college education. She is at the point in her life that she still has a mind of her own and is not ashamed to voice her opinions.

Today’s institutions of higher learning are supposed to be an environment for open discourse and discussion of diverse ideas. Not any more folks! I am PROUD of my daughter, she is not afraid to share her thoughts and opinions, even when she knows her professor thinks differently than her and is the keeper of the grades.

Recently, I remember a politician who said that the reason she lost the election was that white women voted in lock-step with their husbands. It seems to me that it was the other side that were voting in lock-step with their party, without thinking for themselves, when casting their vote. Or am I wrong?

What are your thoughts on the matter? I usually don’t like to talk about politics, but there you go. It is hard not to in this divisive climate!


2 thoughts on “Day 123 of 365: Mind of your Own

  1. She is beautiful and your words express who proud you are of who she is choosing to become. Lovely post, and encouraging!

    1. Thank you so much! YES I am very proud of her!

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