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Day 126 of 365: Limerick


Day 126: Today I am sharing a “Where is the sun?” limerick. I have written several times lately about our lack of sun here in Montana, feels like I am back in Alaska. Take this photograph, for example, of Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska where we used to live.

There is still beauty to be seen, even when the sun is not out however. As a photographer I yearn for the sunny days of spring! I am going to share a limerick I wrote about the absent sun.

Where is the sun?

  • There once was a sun in the sky,
  • for some reason it has been shy,
  • hiding out with the clouds,
  • all covered like a shroud,
  • oh why don’t you show yourself, why?

How many of you have ever written a limerick before? You should try it, it is fun! They have been known to be bawdy and dirty. I keep mine clean! Ha!




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