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Day 139 of 365: SUCCESS

Bear Grass

Day 139: SUCCESS is the word for today. Thomas A. Edison said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

I find a lot to truth in this quote! When I think about things I really want to do, I think about how much work will be required. Sometimes I psyche myself out thinking about all the many hoops I have to “jump through” to get to my goal.

It is much less overwhelming to think about the process as individual steps. One step done is one step closer to the goal. Setting a daily goal is important. Nothing feels better than crossing things off your list of things to do! Liberating to be sure.

So the next time you think of quitting before you finish, think about taking that big task one step at a time. Or as Thomas Edison says, “try just one more time.” When I was in the Army, I hated running and had to drag myself out to prepare for the “PT test.” I would always divide my mile run into “just one lap at a time” until I got to four. Using this tactic was not nearly as daunting for me.

Here’s to you, never, never, never, never quit!



2 thoughts on “Day 139 of 365: SUCCESS

  1. Inspiring message. I also must set these short range goals when I’m running. It is interesting that somewhere in the middle you get a new burst you can’t explain.
    My most sincere appreciation for your service.
    Have an awesome day! : )

    1. Yes, running is not my forte. I would rather work out on my elliptical machine at the gym. I was not born to run. Ha!

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