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Day 143: The Lemming Effect


Day 143: The Lemming Effect. This photo was not taken by me, just to let you know. I don’t even know if this rodent is a lemming or not, so forgive me. For those of you that don’t know what the lemming effect is, I will tell you.

It is a phenomenon where these small rodents have been observed to follow each other as they jump off a cliff or run into raging rivers to their deaths. This has been said to be a myth however. Whether it is a myth of not, I see this type of behavior in people, metaphorically speaking. It is a sad commentary in our world today!

I have been noticing that there is a lot of groupthink going on. Certain news outlets continue to spew the same tired talking points. I have also noticed there is not a lot of independent thinking going on. We are being told what to think and no one seems to question it. No facts to back them up whatsoever. I wonder how many people out there realize that this is going on besides me?

Have you noticed, like I have, that there are some activist groups out there that mindlessly chant and march down our streets for various causes and when asked why they are marching they have NO answer. Crickets!!!! Lemming effect anyone??? It is frightening and disturbing, to say the least! Have we all lost our minds? Our ability to think for ourselves?

I see it as the “dumbing down of our society.” You see it in our colleges and universities, our young adults are being told what to think. If they have a thought that does not comport with the professor’s they are shut down. They are rewarded when they mimick the thoughts of their professors.

I FULLY believe in the 1st amendment. Our freedom to say what we think is what makes this country so great! It is fine to say what you think, but is there any THOUGHT involved in what you are saying? In most cases, I say not. Also, if you have an opinion that differs from the mainstream media, you are labeled a “hater” and a “rascist.” Instead of an honest discussion or debate of the matter, those with dissenting opinions are totally shut down.

This groupthink mentality is a dangerous thing. Total conformity can lead to the downfall of society and the death of human expression and independent thought. Remember the book written by George Orwell entitled, “1984?” Are we headed down this HORRID rabbit hole? Take a look at some of the totalitarian regimes in history and how things worked out for them. Cautionary tales to be sure!

Let me know your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Day 143: The Lemming Effect

  1. Awesome thoughts! : )

  2. Can I LOVE this post? Totally agree with what you said. You chose a great comparison there to lemmings. It just made so much sense. (But the picture is not of one.)

    1. Glad you liked the post! I strongly think that each of us need to think for ourselves!!! Sorry, I was afraid that the creature was not a lemming.

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