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Day 144 Hello Haiku!


Day 144 of 365: Hello Haiku!

Seasons of Life

Spring’s intimacy,

summer’s raising all our kids,

fall’s our rekindling.

Happy Saturday! Talk to ya soon!

10 thoughts on “Day 144 Hello Haiku!

  1. I’d be curious to know what winter does.

    1. I think in winter we might be in failing health or looking at the grass from the brown side!? I chose not to go there!

      1. Good thinking.
        Did you change your blog recently? I’m asking because I can no longer click on your name, and I don’t have a link to your blog underneath it like I used to in the past (in the notification section).

      2. Not that I know of, I guess I am not sure what happened, I will check it out.

      3. I am trying to get word press to help me with the problem you noticed. They asked me if you wouldn’t mind shooting them an email of the screen shot of the problem you have noticed. I told them I would ask you. Thanks.

      4. Hey FG, I notified wp support about the blog change you noticed. They couldn’t find a problem. They asked if you would not mind sending them an email to with a screen shot of what you noticed that was changed. Thank you very much!!!

      5. Will do right now.

      6. Many thanks!!!!!

      7. No answer so far. Will keep you updated.

      8. Thanks again!

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