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Day 146: Hypocrisy


Day 146: Hypocrisy. I believe there has been a lot of hypocrisy lately when it comes to sexual abuse. Whether this happens to a man or a woman, it is wrong and deplorable! Whether it happens to a liberal or a conservative, it is wrong and deplorable!

It is odd and disturbing when one sees instances of sexual abuse, that are supposed to be viewed as WRONG (no matter who it happens to or who is the perpetrator) that are buried and suppressed from the news. I believe it has been buried because it puts one of those “supposed champions of the #metoo movement” in a very BAD light as it should be! How can someone live with oneself when they are thought of as an advocate for women and have committed such atrocities towards women?

I have been very disappointed and ashamed of our current state of journalism. Wrong is wrong and there should be no conditions! Today’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. If we are to be outraged over sexual abuse it should be with just as much fervor no matter who it happens to and no matter who the guilty person is! I think this should go without saying, but in this day and age, there are no “givens.” Unfortunately.

Let me know your thoughts on this controversial matter.

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