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Day 152: The Color Pink

pink tree blossoms.jpg

Day 152: The color pink. Normally pink is not one of my favorite colors, but now all the trees are blossoming and I can’t stop admiring its bold color!

Did you know (I didn’t) that pink was first introduced, in the Renaissance period in the 18th century, to the painter’s palette?

Also, did you know that pink was considered the color for boys and blue was considered the color for girls? Interesting! Pink was considered a strong, bold color while blue was thought of as a more delicate color. Everything I had always known has been turned on its head, so to speak. I learn something new everyday!

Now we know that currently pink is for girls and blue is for boys. When did it change? It was later in the 18th century that painters started to portray women in pink, and the rest is history.

Lately, we see men dressing more in pink than any other time. I believe if you are man enough, you can wear pink! I am no authority of course! It is even seen in the NFL in the month of October for breast cancer awareness month, which I think is a kind gesture. I know that breast cancer can afflict men too.

That is a very brief history of the color pink. What do you think of the color pink? Should it have remained a boy’s color or not?


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