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Day 40: Keys to a Long Marriage


Day 40: Keys to a long marriage! Did you notice I did not say good marriage? No I am just totally kidding, today is my 34th wedding anniversary! Honestly it has been a great 34 years of wedded bliss! I am not saying every single day has been the BEST of the BEST, but it has been mostly GREAT!! When I think about what has made it so good I think about how we do some things together that we both enjoy! We both like playing golf and shooting black powder silhouette (target shooting) together! We also enjoy time apart which is healthy too! He has his “guy” time and I have time with my “girl” friends. Another thing is I have given up on changing some of the things I wanted to, but failed to, change! It was not worth fighting those “battles,” they were tiny on the grand scheme of things anyway! Like how my husband likes to wear flannel shirts every day! Guess there will be no Armani suit days for my guy! Ha! Ha! Instead we are like an old pair of shoes, nice and comfortable! I know I have joked around a little but I love my hubby and hope we make it another 34 years!!! How many of you have been married 34 years or more?

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Day 39: 10 Benefits of Coffee

Flowing Fields

Day 39! Good Morning! Today I am talking about the benefits of coffee! The first thing that I do in the morning is make a pot of coffee! I have to have it, can’t live without it! That is what I tell myself anyway! Here are the benefits: 1. It boosts your mood! 2. Lowers your risk of stroke and heart disease. 3. It helps ward off Type 2 Diabetes. 4. Lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. 5. Prevents gallstones. 6. Good for your liver. 7. Coffee has been linked to a reduced risk of liver cancer. 8. Leads to a longer life. 9. Improved brain function. 10. A powerful antioxidant! I have to say, everything in moderation, so don’t drink too much coffee! Most sources say that 4 cups of coffee is what you should have daily! Enjoy your cup of joe!!!

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Day 38 of 365 day blog: BEAUTY


Day 38! Talking about BEAUTY! The definition of beauty is a characteristic of an animal, idea, object, person or place that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. I woke up this morning, discovered it was “trash day” and proceeded to take the trash tote out to the curb in the dark blue sky of dawn. My jaw dropped because I discovered a thick layer of hoarfrost on all the trees, shrubs and bushes. It was a photographer’s delight I tell you! There is so much beauty in this winter season. Beauty abounds in our landscape, each day brings a different palette of colors in the land, sea, and clouds! Too often I go about my business without even noticing its beauty! Today I am thankful for all the beauty I see, not only in our landscape but in all God’s creatures, man and animals, that I meet! I challenge you to go out and seek out nature’s BEAUTY today and everyday!!!

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Day 37 of 365 day blog: DIVERSIFY


Day 37 is about DIVERSIFY! Diversify means to make or become more varied. In a company it means to enlarge or vary its range of products or field of operation. As an artist and a photographer I have decided to diversify my ART. I am going to continue to offer photography for sale but will also offer pastel paintings! As far as art goes there is an abundance of different kinds of medium out there! I figure if I experiment with another art form that it might jump start my creativity when it comes to photography as well. Maybe I will come to like soft pastels better and continue to photograph for my source photos. There are, as they say, different strokes for different folks! So, what do you think of this piece of art???? Let me know!!! PS All of my images (photographs and pastel paintings) are available for purchase.

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Day 36 of 365 day blog: Meditation


Day 36 of my 365 day blog challenge! I am talking about MEDITATION today! I was thinking about this season that we are in and I think winter is the perfect season for meditation! The meaning of meditation is thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind for a period of time in silence. It can even be done with chanting or used just as a form of relaxation. As I look out the window and watch the snow softly falling down I think this is the perfect weather to cozy up with a hot cup of coffee or hot cocoa and think deeply! Winter gives us permission to slow down and think about things in general. Now I know there are a lot of people out there that do not slow down and spend most of their winter time outside, like those who work outside or those that live for snow like the snow skiers, snow boarders, snow shoers and cross country skiers. Even the snow lovers probably relish coming in from the cold and warming up by a fire or under some down blankets! I used to live in Alaska and I remember wanting to slow down in winter because our LONG days of sun and summer are exhausting! Hope you can carve some time out of your winter days to do some meditation!

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Day 35 of 365 day blog: TREASURE


Day 35 of 365 day blog is about TREASURE! Talking about treasure today! The word treasure is a noun as well as a verb. As a noun it is a quantity of something precious like metals or gems. As a verb it means to keep carefully. Other synonyms include cherish, prize, hold dear or value greatly. I have a lot of TREASURES in my life! Where do I start? Most importantly I treasure (verb) my husband, my 4 kids and their partners, and my great parents and the rest of my extended family! I even treasure all of my friends (old and new) and acquaintances that I have made this year! I also treasure the beautiful state that I live in, which is Montana. In fact it is known as “the treasure state” (noun), because of the gold and copper it possesses. As a Christian I believe that I am “treasured” by God, just look at the sacrifice He made for all of us!!!! Just remember that you are a “treasure” and that you are also “treasured” by all of those that LOVE you!!!

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Day 34 of 365 day blog: CONFIDENCE

Misty Morning Fog

Hey Day 34! I missed a day yesterday, but that does not mean that I am NOT going to continue, so today is day 34 on my way to 365! I am a Taurus and so I am stubborn, I may have mentioned that before! Today I am going to talk about CONFIDENCE!!! Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something or a trust that is firm! Here is a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Confidence thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live.” For me, confidence is something that I have to continually work at! I have to keep telling myself that I am good at this and that I do have talent and have taken classes in the field to educate and arm myself with the skills I need to do the job! With the advent of you tube one can learn a multitude of things with a few clicks, as long as they are trusted sources of information, that is! The public relies on your commitment to your product, as a small business owner, and that requires you to be honest and carry out what you say you are going to do and do it with confidence! I once heard someone say, fake it til you make it! So go out there with all the confidence that you can muster!!!

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Day 33 of 365 day blog: Resolutions


Day 33 Weeee! Talking about resolutions today! The definition of a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something! Why is it that we wait til the New Year to make a resolution? I guess with the new year comes new decisions I guess!! Have you noticed that most people make a resolution to lose weight or to get healthier? I have never bothered to make a new years resolution, because I always manage to break it! I guess if I was to make one it would be to make an earnest attempt to make money at my business. To make more money with my business I need to make my art more visible and display it in more venues. I have been reading some marketing books which are informative. I have been trying to be active in the social media world. I don’t know what else to try? If you have any ideas, let me know!!!

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mtn trail (lg file)

Day 32 of 365 day blog! Today I am talking about walking! Walking has so many benefits, where do I begin. Walking is so simple, the only thing you need is a good pair of shoes, suitable for walking. Walking at least 30 minutes per day reduces your risk for heart disease and stroke, keeps your muscles and joints strong, improves your mood, decreases stress, improves your circulation, sparks your metabolism, strengthens your bones and helps to burn belly fat, especially with brisk walking. I also enjoy walking, as a photographer, because you never know what you might find that you might want to take a picture of! Also getting outside and breathing the fresh air is always a good thing! Do yourself a favor, go take a 30 minute walk and enjoy the beauty of nature!

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Day 31: 10 Benefits of Excercise

My friend Brook

Day 31: EXERCISE! I am going to talk about everyone’s favorite: EXERCISE! There are some days I have to drag myself to the gym and other days I am anxious to get there! There are numerous benefits of exercise, but I will only mention 10. 1. Exercise decreases body fat! 2. Exercise oxygenates the body. 3. It strengthens muscles. 4. It strengthens the heart. 5. Exercise improves coordination. 6. It improves memory (which I need help with). 7. It decreases stress and improves mood! 8. Exercise decreases blood pressure and cholesterol. 9. It boosts immunity. and 10. Exercise decreases cancer risk. Those are some pretty important benefits to exercise! Next time I have to drag myself to the gym I will have to remind myself about these benefits, especially with so much holiday eating ahead! Yikes!

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Day 30: 4 Qualities of a Good Friend


Day 30! 4 Qualities of a good friend, according to me! 1. A good friend is someone who is a good listener. Someone who has the time to really listen without saying a word. 2. A good friend is someone who “has your back.” Someone who is with you through good times and bad. 3. A good friend is someone that you can say anything to, without the worry of chastisement or judgment. 4. Lastly a good friend is someone who displays unconditional love. Someone who loves you no matter what!!! Let me know what you think or if I have left an important quality out!!! Signing off for now!

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Day 29 of 365 day blog: REST


Day 29 of 365 day blog! REST! What does rest mean to you? The definition of rest is to cease movement in order to relax, refresh or recover your strength. How often do you take time out to rest? What does rest mean to you? Does it mean meditation, a hot bath, taking a short nap, stretching, yoga, a walk or thoughtful prayer? It could mean all of those things. We are all different, but whatever you choose to do, make sure you rest! I know when I haven’t rested I feel exhausted and crabby and don’t have enough energy to give to others like my husband. When you are tired and exhausted you tend to feel resentful towards people and your situation and are no good to anyone!!! Instead do yourself a favor and get some REST, preferably try to carve out some time daily! It does not have to be long, just 20 or 30 minutes is better than no time at all! When you take care of yourself you will be better able to take care of others!!!! Comments?