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Husker Joy

husker image.jpg

Hey fellow bloggers. As you know, I am grieving over my dear Dad’s recent death. However, I am finding JOY in watching the rapidly improving Nebraska Cornhusker football team headed by Coach Scott Frost (quarterback for NE for the championship football team of 1997 under Coach Tom Osborne).

The Huskers, as they are affectionately called, are playing Illinois, the fighting Illini. It is in the 2nd half right now and if you can stream this game you really should, if you enjoy American football, it is “unbelievable” football action, in favor of the Huskers! Current score is 38-21.

I have to think that my dear Dad and his family up in heaven are watching this game as well. What luck and skill are on display today for the Huskers. It has been a LONG time coming since they have been “relevant,” which is not music to the ears of us forever Husker fans.

Gotta go, can’t miss this game! Thanks for the true JOY you awesome Huskers and Coach Frost!!!!


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My Dad

Dad with Maureen and Colleen on 9-15-2017
Sister Maureen, Dad and sister Colleen (I took the photo)


Hello fellow bloggers. I have been absent lately. There are good reasons for that. My dearest Dad passed away on Oct. 27th, at the age of 92, from a gallantly fought battle with pneumonia. The past 11 days have felt like a “time warp.” I thank God that I was able to fly to Nebraska in time to see and “be” with my Dad, before he died. It was bittersweet, to say the least, to be in the ICU with my Dad, Mom, siblings, nieces,  nephews and some of his incredible 14 grandchildren. Just to feel all the LOVE in that room that we shared with Dad and he shared with us. Losing a parent (my first) is the hardest thing I have ever had to endure in my 56 years of life! It was my routine to call Mom and Dad every Sunday night. I looked forward to my weekly calls to them. Last night when I called I, very sadly, talked to Mom, but not to my dear Dad. My Mom is doing as good as can be expected and all of us 5 siblings are making sure she is not alone. This morning, and every morning, since Dad’s death, I have been talking to him, which gives me peace and joy knowing he is in heaven with God, his parents Mary and Hugh, and his brothers Mike and Hugh. Dad, like his father and brothers, loved to golf. I know they are up there playing rounds of golf together, drinking beer and having fun! I am proud to be his eldest daughter and that I got all his Irish blood in me! I LOVE YOU DAD WITH ALL MY HEART AND I ALWAYS WILL, UNTIL WE MERRILY MEET IN HEAVEN. XOXOXOXO

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Fiery Sunrise on the Lake.jpg

Hello fellow bloggers! Just got back from a landscape workshop given by the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Our workshop took place in beautiful Glacier National Park. This photo was taken at sunrise and as you can tell the sky is smoky from nearby wildfires. I learned a great deal and got to meet some awesome fellow landscape photographers! The RMSP instructors are phenomenal! Check out their website.

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Out of this World


The sunsets lately have been “out of this world!” It seems like this has become the “norm” that we have smoky, hazy skies in August and September. Unfortunately there are people in California and Montana, as well as other states in the West, who have been directly affected by these fires. These fires are very destructive and I pray for those who have lost their homes. However, the presence of smoke in the air makes for beautiful, oddly red sunsets. This photo was shot this evening. The normal evening light is golden, but this light is even warmer. I hope and pray that the cooler temperatures come, the winds die down and the rains come for all the states that are experiencing wildfires!

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Day 155: Haiku


silhouette of people beside usa flag
Photo by Brett Sayles on

Day 155: Respect the Flag Haiku

I stand for the flag,

disrespect if you kneel,

play football please!

I think it is very important to pay respect to our American flag, our country and our brave men and women who have fought for our country (past and present), especially as we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. I am proud to have served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1985-1989.



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Day 154: Change


Day 154: Change, it can be a very good thing! Maya Angelou said,”If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

I think all of us knows someone who always complains. This person is a “buzz kill,” never having anything good to say. It gets tiring for those who have to spend time with people like this and it has got to be tiring for the complainer as well!

Why not change your circumstances? It is a win-win for all concerned! Life is too short to be and feel miserable. Happiness is a choice! It is a false assumption that others can make you happy. Only YOU can make YOU happy! Life is full of unfairness and disappointment, but why wallow in your woes, when you can try a smile and see where it leads. It can’t hurt, but it could certainly help. If you wear a smile, you are sure to get positive feedback from others.

I urge you curmudgeons out there to turn that frown into a smile! If you know a curmudgeon, take them out and “kill them with kindness!”

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