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Day 65 of 365: SONG

sunflowers without wm.jpg

Day 65: SONG! A set of words set to music! I find myself breaking into song quite often, especially when I am in my Jeep with the radio on, tooling around running errands or just out for a drive looking for things to take pictures of. Singing is so liberating especially when you are by yourself and no one is listening! I think I have heard a saying that goes, “sing like no one is listening.” I am not much for singing in the shower but my husband does sometimes. I love when I hear a particular song on the radio that takes me back to a happy time. I can remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the song. One such song is “September” by Earth Wind and Fire. This song was popular when I was in high school with endless summers and parties with my friends,  feeling invincible! Even now all those memories and pictures of those times go playing through my mind and it is lovely!!! I am thankful for all those songs that touch my heart and soul and bring me back to other happy times when I was younger!!! Go out and reminisce today with some of your favorite songs!!!

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Day 64 of 365: SUNSHINE


Day 64 SUNSHINE! Have you ever just taken the sun for granted? I woke up this morning to the sun’s rays coming through my bedroom window! It was GLORIOUS! Even though it is winter and the temperature outside is cold at 22 degrees above zero, the presence of the sun makes me more cheerful!!! As a fair skinned person I am not a sun worshiper per say, but I do enjoy getting outside to soak up the sun’s warm rays, with sunscreen of course! In the winter we get our share of cloudy gloomy days and that is to be expected, but on a sunny day we take note!!! I used to live in Alaska and know what it is like to live through the winter there!!! It is not so much the cold temperatures as it is the lack of sunshine! As soon as the winter solstice came, which was a holiday in and of itself, the days got noticeably longer and the glorious sun started to shine more often and longer!!! I would notice that when the sun was out that people migrated out of their homes to the outside to enjoy the weather. They got out just to take a walk or to go whale watching or whatever! My point is that we respond favorably to the weather when the sun is out!!! I am going to close for now and go out and enjoy the sun! Hope you have a sunny day!!!

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Day 63 of 365: EXCITE


Day 63 EXCITE! “The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them,” a quote I found from THINKGROWPROSPER. This quote really resonates with me!!! I spent 30 years as a nurse and yes, in the beginning it did excite me and I thrived in that environment, but in recent years I was NOT EXCITED and was left empty and depleted! I found photography and art and became excited again and I have been on a very excitedly creative ride! I am finding out that taking photographs feeds my soul and I am excited to share my images with others. I have had people tell me that they really like the quote and find true meaning in it! I have ALWAYS felt that we are all on this earth FOR A PURPOSE! It makes sense that if things make you excited you should listen to those ques and respond to them and incorporate them into your life! I am sure that I am on the right path and with God’s help I will fulfill my purpose!!! Go out and listen to the things in life that EXCITE you and FOLLOW them!!!

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Day 62 of 365 day blog: CREATIVITY


Day 62 CREATIVITY! Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of a work of art. Creativity does not only exist in the art world, I would say it exists in any world! Take writing blogs, for instance, it takes creativity to be a blog writer. It is really hard for me to come up with an interesting topic to blog about every day! If we only had the imagination that we had as kids growing up!!! The business world is brimming with creativity, just check out social media and it abounds! In photography, a world that I know about, there is a wealth of creativity in imagery with photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Think of all the creative inventions that have come out recently! I am going to end with a quote by Albert Einstein, “creativity is intelligence having fun.” Go out and be CREATIVE!!!

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Day 61 of 365 day blog: HYGGE


Day 61 HYGGE! I didn’t know what this term meant until 2 years ago when I was entering a photo contest entitled, Hygge, pronounced “HUE-gah.” It is a Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures like friends, family and graciousness! This season lends itself to Hygge. We tend to spend more time inside our warm houses and there are more holidays in the winter that draw families together. Graciousness is something that we should practice every day no matter what season it is! I like to check out things on Pinterest and I found this definition of hygge on their website, “life moments brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones, favorite things,” “savoring the present” and “the good life.” My idea of hygge is having all 4 kids, my husband and I sharing good times together!!! What is your idea of HYGGE?

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Day 60 of 365 day blog: MENTORS


Day 60: MENTORS! Mentors are experienced and trusted advisers! I have been meeting with a mentor regarding my photography (art) business. It has been invaluable! Just being able to see how someone, who has been at it longer than you, operates. There are countless things that I have learned from my mentor! For instance, I have learned her photo editing techniques, what high quality paper and canvas to print on, and lastly about the printing process and what kind of printers to use to produce a high quality photographic image.  I have also learned about art gallery standard operating procedures. Participating in a mentorship while trying to establish an art business is a crucial part of the equation in optimizing your chances for success. If any of you are in my situation and haven’t participated in a mentorship, you should consider it!

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Day 59 of 365 day blog: RITUALS


Day 59 is on RITUALS! The definition of ritual is any practice or behavior regularly performed in a set manner. I would say that I am a very ritualistic person. I have my regular practices or routines that I have to do daily! If I don’t follow through with my “rituals” I feel like there is something out of place or that things are not going as well. Maybe that means that I am a bit type A and that I need to control things and have things a certain way? I happily discovered a quote from Chuck Norris that I really like and would like to share with you out there and it reads, “Exercise, prayer and meditation are examples of calming rituals. They have shown to induce a happier mood and provide a positive pathway through life’s daily frustrations.” Before I found this quote I had been doing those things and NOW I can continue to do them confirming my notions that it is CALMING and touted by famous person, Chuck Norris! Go out there and find those calming rituals that SOOTHE and ENRICH you!!!

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Day 58 of 365 day blog: CHINOOK WINDS


Day 58 of 365. CHINOOK WINDS! This winter seems to have lasted an eternity! I am ready for spring that is for sure! So glad that the sub zero temperatures are no longer with us, at least for now. Last night and today there has been a lot of wind! Those of us who live on the lee ward side of the mountains are very familiar with WIND!!! There is a term for our familiar wind that blows and brings with it dry warm air, it is called Chinook wind or Foehn wind in other parts of the world. I welcome these winds as things warm up and the snow and ice melt away. The word Chinook comes from a group of Native Americans from the north shore of the Columbia River, where the winds originate. The word, Chinook means “snow eater,” an appropriate name for such wind. These winds originate on the Pacific coast and as they blow up the western side of the Canadian Rockies the wind is cold, but as the wind descends down the leeward side of the eastern slopes the air is warmed significantly “eating” the snow and ice away! There are other winds that result from cold fronts that bring snow and colder temperatures however. Not all winds are Chinook winds. When you go outside take note of the winds and whether or not they are the Chinook variety!!! Hang on to your hats!!!

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Day 57 of 365 day blog: COMPOSITION

Summit Lake

Day 57 of 365 day blog: COMPOSITION! In the world of visual arts, the word composition is the placement of visual elements in a work of art or in a photograph. A piece of art or a photograph with good composition is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the elements within the piece are balanced. Take my photograph entitled, “Summit Lake” for instance. There are elements of interest in the foreground, midground and background. The cabin with the blue-green roof is the focal point and draws the eye into the photo. There are different techniques used to obtain good composition. One of them is the rule of thirds, where important features are placed within 1/3 sections of the piece. Another composition technique is the rule of odds, usually an odd number of subjects is more appealing to the eye than an even number. Another technique is the rule of space, where you might paint or photograph a runner and leave space ahead of the runner to suggest a feeling of movement and give the eye a place to go. Using geometry and symmetry lends itself to a good composition. A triangle shape or a diagonal shape add to strong compositions. A piece that is symmetrical is also pleasing to the eye, like a face or a row of carefully placed produce at the market. Using shallow depth of field also makes for a good composition. When you use this technique your subject is in focus and everything else is blurred acting to frame and give emphasis to your subject. These are just a few techniques that are used to achieve a good composition in your art or in your photos. Go out and find great compositions in the landscape!!!

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Day 56 of 365 day blog: FOOTBALL


Day 56 of 365 day blog: FOOTBALL! Talking about football today! I got to thinking what I would do in the long winter if there was no football! Now that all my kids are grown I don’t have high school football to watch. Such good memories watching those games and having lots of fun with other parents in the stands. Over zealous cheers from our group, but we were always good sports. No jeering at the officials unless it was warranted!!! We had so much fun even though it was windy and cold 9 times out of 10! I am sure my 3 boys miss football from time to time. I had one son that played rugby in college and boy was that hard to watch!!! Talk about a tough sport!!! He really enjoyed it and even broke a collar bone doing so. I was glad when he had had enough of rugby!  All of us enjoy watching college football and NFL football. Not so much NFL football lately! Monday night is the college football championship between Georgia and Alabama! What a game that will be! After Monday’s game I will go into a “show hole,” as far as football goes, darn!!! I am not a fan of basketball, I guess that is because my boys did not play it. I think there should be a name for the period of time when there is no football. Something like the “no football dulldrums.” I don’t know how many of you are football fanatics like me, but hope you can survive until the spring games!