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Husker Joy

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Hey fellow bloggers. As you know, I am grieving over my dear Dad’s recent death. However, I am finding JOY in watching the rapidly improving Nebraska Cornhusker football team headed by Coach Scott Frost (quarterback for NE for the championship football team of 1997 under Coach Tom Osborne).

The Huskers, as they are affectionately called, are playing Illinois, the fighting Illini. It is in the 2nd half right now and if you can stream this game you really should, if you enjoy American football, it is “unbelievable” football action, in favor of the Huskers! Current score is 38-21.

I have to think that my dear Dad and his family up in heaven are watching this game as well. What luck and skill are on display today for the Huskers. It has been a LONG time coming since they have been “relevant,” which is not music to the ears of us forever Husker fans.

Gotta go, can’t miss this game! Thanks for the true JOY you awesome Huskers and Coach Frost!!!!