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Fiery Sunrise on the Lake.jpg

Hello fellow bloggers! Just got back from a landscape workshop given by the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Our workshop took place in beautiful Glacier National Park. This photo was taken at sunrise and as you can tell the sky is smoky from nearby wildfires. I learned a great deal and got to meet some awesome fellow landscape photographers! The RMSP instructors are phenomenal! Check out their website.

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Out of this World


The sunsets lately have been “out of this world!” It seems like this has become the “norm” that we have smoky, hazy skies in August and September. Unfortunately there are people in California and Montana, as well as other states in the West, who have been directly affected by these fires. These fires are very destructive and I pray for those who have lost their homes. However, the presence of smoke in the air makes for beautiful, oddly red sunsets. This photo was shot this evening. The normal evening light is golden, but this light is even warmer. I hope and pray that the cooler temperatures come, the winds die down and the rains come for all the states that are experiencing wildfires!

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Day 139 of 365: SUCCESS

Bear Grass

Day 139: SUCCESS is the word for today. Thomas A. Edison said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

I find a lot to truth in this quote! When I think about things I really want to do, I think about how much work will be required. Sometimes I psyche myself out thinking about all the many hoops I have to “jump through” to get to my goal.

It is much less overwhelming to think about the process as individual steps. One step done is one step closer to the goal. Setting a daily goal is important. Nothing feels better than crossing things off your list of things to do! Liberating to be sure.

So the next time you think of quitting before you finish, think about taking that big task one step at a time. Or as Thomas Edison says, “try just one more time.” When I was in the Army, I hated running and had to drag myself out to prepare for the “PT test.” I would always divide my mile run into “just one lap at a time” until I got to four. Using this tactic was not nearly as daunting for me.

Here’s to you, never, never, never, never quit!



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Day 137 of 365: High time for Haiku!

purple wildflower
Purple wildflower

Day 137: It’s high time for some more Haiku today! This type of poem is new to me, but seems to be growing on me! Just like this new wildflower that peeks out from the cold ground in early spring.

Struggle, more struggle,

angst, worry and frustration,

my epiphany.

This poem is in response to a job that I had that I toiled and toiled over until I finished it! Patience is a hard thing to come by but I am glad I had what it took to get to the finish line!

Here is a quote on patience that I like by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

Do you consider yourself a patient person?

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Day 136 of 365: Families


Day 136: Family Limerick:

There once was a woman and a man,

before long there was a handsome clan,

a lass and three boys,

house of toys and noise,

I remember those days while I can.

Families are precious and meant to be cherished! When you think of it, if you don’t have family, what do you have?

Remembering, with sadness, the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush with one of her special quotes about the family, “To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.”

Share your comments about family!


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Day 134 of 365: Motivational Quote


Day 134: My motivational quote of the day is, “Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl,” by Benjamin Jowett.

I absolutely love this quote for several reasons.

  • First, it is non-apologetic! Love the phrase, “let them howl.” Others be damned.
  • Second, it conveys that we don’t give up on our mission, whatever that may be.
  • Third, we don’t have to explain why we do what we do! So liberating!
  • Fourth,” just do it” like Nike says. Don’t talk about it, don’t make excuses for not doing it and just make it happen. I like being proactive!

This might just be my new mantra! Let me know what you think!

Dare to LIKE or COMMENT.

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Day 130 of 365: LOVE and good listening.


Day 130: LOVE. Sharing a quote from that reads, “A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him,” by Brenda Behan. I would argue that the same could be said for a woman.

Isn’t good listening essential for a thriving loving relationship? I am guilty of only half listening sometimes when my husband is talking to me, especially if I am in the middle of something. I guess I should drop everything that I am doing and devote my whole self to listening to the message. My husband and I are both guilty of half listening, I would say. He would say otherwise!

A good partner must also be good at picking up nonverbal cues from their mate. I know that my husband knows something is wrong when I go silent. That usually means that something has pissed me off and I want him to know it! This tactic is NOT the best, because my husband does not always pick up on my “pissy” cues and the longer he is clueless the more I stew and  the madder I get. It is like the snowball rolling down the hill, it gets bigger and out of control. I really need to work on my communication skills and voice my anger, instead of staying silent.

In a good loving relationship, there should always be open lines of communication as well as good listening on both sides.

Here are some tips for good listening:

  1. Face your partner, drop what you are doing and keep good eye contact.
  2. Keep an open mind.
  3. Be attentive and relaxed.
  4. Listen to the words and try to get their meaning.
  5. Don’t interrupt.
  6. Ask questions only to ensure understanding.
  7. Try to feel what your partner is feeling.
  8. Try to understand what ISN’T said.
  9. Give regular feedback.
  10. Don’t interrupt by giving solutions, unless asked to.

Relationships are like a treasured old antique car, they take effort to keep up and must be treated with tender loving care!

What are some other things you feel are necessary to sustain a good and loving relationship?



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Day 126 of 365: Limerick


Day 126: Today I am sharing a “Where is the sun?” limerick. I have written several times lately about our lack of sun here in Montana, feels like I am back in Alaska. Take this photograph, for example, of Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska where we used to live.

There is still beauty to be seen, even when the sun is not out however. As a photographer I yearn for the sunny days of spring! I am going to share a limerick I wrote about the absent sun.

Where is the sun?

  • There once was a sun in the sky,
  • for some reason it has been shy,
  • hiding out with the clouds,
  • all covered like a shroud,
  • oh why don’t you show yourself, why?

How many of you have ever written a limerick before? You should try it, it is fun! They have been known to be bawdy and dirty. I keep mine clean! Ha!