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Fiery Sunrise on the Lake.jpg

Hello fellow bloggers! Just got back from a landscape workshop given by the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Our workshop took place in beautiful Glacier National Park. This photo was taken at sunrise and as you can tell the sky is smoky from nearby wildfires. I learned a great deal and got to meet some awesome fellow landscape photographers! The RMSP instructors are phenomenal! Check out their website.

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Day 132 of 365: TIPS on how to photograph flowers!

tulips (lg file)

Day 132: Tips on how to shoot flowers! One of my all time favorite subjects are flowers. They are so colorful and put a smile on my face, especially in the winter when I am starved for color! Here are some easy tips on how to best photograph flowers!

  • Get down on their level to shoot them.
  • Get as close to them as you can.
  • Shoot a part of a flower, may have to use manual focus.
  • Strive for good composition, place the center of the flower using the Rule of Thirds.
  • Use the Rule of Odds, in a group shoot an odd number of them, not even.
  • Use selective focus.
  • Use a wide open aperture in natural light, set vase in window, and make that great bokeh happen!
  • When outside, lay on the ground and shoot them at their level.

Hope this helps! Get out and shoot some colorful flowers today as they start to emerge from the soil!


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Day 119 of 365: CHOICES


Day 119: Today’s topic is CHOICES! Life is full of them. You can make good ones or you can make bad ones. The choice is up to you! Life is too short to waste on making bad choices, so why not make good choices?

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely,” a great quote by Roy T. Bennett.

I am married to a guy that is not always the most positive person in the world.  He does have his happy moments however, but of the two of us, I am the more positive person. Sometimes I wonder about pessimism and how that might affect one’s health? I know that when you do something you enjoy or when you run or exercise that endorphins (feel good chemicals) are released. The outcome is positive on our bodies.

What happens if you are grumpy and a pessimist all the time? It can’t be good on one’s mind, body and spirit! Also it can be a “drag” to be around someone who is a downer all the time, right? I have been witnessing a lot of negativity lately and not just from my husband. It troubles me. I sincerely hope that with this new season of spring that people will take a long hard look at their attitudes. Maybe it is time for an attitude adjustment? It will help you AND those around you!

How is your attitude? Do you know someone who needs an attitude adjustment? Let me know.



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Day 118 of 365: Art Quote of the Day


Day 118: Here is an “Art” quote for your day by Pablo Picasso, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” This quote rings true for me!

Think of it, art is so liberating! My art is mainly photography, but the framed piece above is one that I did in soft pastels from one of my photographs. Whether it is pastels or photographs, art feeds my soul! When I have a camera in my hand or around my neck in an image worthy environment, I can get lost for hours framing and capturing my view of this beautiful world.

All sense of time goes out the window, it is like I am in a different world. A world away from the chaos, stress and “dust” of daily life. I believe that my passion is my art in its various forms. The definition of passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. I believe that everyone should have a passion. Something that fulfills, enriches and recharges you.

What is your passion? What washes the “dust of daily life off of your soul?”

Let me know! LIKE or COMMENT

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Day 117 of 365: SPRING!!!

tulips in a garden
Tulips in a garden

Day 117: Spring is here, at least according to the calendar! There are many signs that spring could be here.

I have a friend who has seen a robin in north central Montana. I have been hearing a plethora of different birds singing in the morning.

The official start of spring, known as the vernal equinox is today, March 20 at 12:15 p.m., for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Today the night and the day are exactly equal in length.

I thought spring would never get here! We can celebrate that those long, dark days of cold and snow are mostly in the past, for this year. That is not to say that we won’t get any more snow, which in Montana can happen any month of the year!

Even though I am fair haired and fair skinned, I love the sun! It doesn’t always love me though. The feel of the warm sun’s rays on my face and back is so welcoming! On close inspection I notice the grass starting to green up. The animals are frisky and people get a spring in their step, attitudes improve. It’s ALL GOOD!

Go out and enjoy the first day of spring! If you are in the southern hemisphere, go out and enjoy the first day of autumn!

What will you be doing today?



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Day 113 of 365: Limerick and a Photo


Day 113: A limerick and a photo. Sharing a winter photo of some trees lining a driveway and a limerick that goes with it:

  • My eyes were instantly drawn to these,
  • these graceful, delicate, artful trees,
  • symmetry, symmetry,
  • a shot that speaks to me,
  • boasting of its beauty in the breeze.

Thought I would share this limerick with St. Patrick’s Day coming soon. Limericks are said to have originated in Ireland.

LIKE or COMMENT if you would! I would welcome your limericks if you have one!

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Day 112 of 365: Life and Art

misty morning fog (lg file)

Day 112: Life and Art. I often go to for inspiring quotes. Today I came across one about 2 things I care a lot about, Life and Art. “Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one,” by Stella Adler.

Life is full of ups and downs as we all know. The stresses of life can and do get us down. I don’t know about you but when I get down and out I tend to look to Mother Nature to defuse stress. My soul is fed when I grab my camera, hop in my Jeep and go down the road in search of beautifully lit scenery. Other people may go to the gym to work off some frustration, while others might go to seek the solace of a good friend.

In my life art is invigorating! Art means something different to each of us. Art may mean a painting in a gallery, a sculpture in a park, graffiti on a train, a poem, a song, a flower in a garden or the sun setting over the mountains. The old saying that goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” holds true for art. Whatever we think art is, it is therapeutic. Art has a unique way of transcending us from this hectic and chaotic world both figuratively and physically to a place that feeds our soul and heals our mind, body and spirit!

Go out in the world today and choose happiness, make empowered choices, live in a spirit of gratitude, seek out art and be curious and creative!

What does “art” mean to you? Where do you go to find art?



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Day 109 of 365: Revisiting Limericks

road lined with sunflowers

Day 109: Revisiting limericks! When I first started my blog I was writing limericks and posting my photos. I thought I would share one I wrote about a year ago. It goes like this:

  • This gravel road is very dear,
  • as our new house site is quite near,
  • where antelope play,
  • and horses eat hay,
  • there’s no better place on this hemisphere!

Let me know what you think! Limericks are fun to write!

Dare to LIKE or COMMENT. Happy Friday!

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Day 108 of 365: Walking with Nature


Day 108: Walking with nature has so many benefits! Here is a quote from John Muir, “In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks.” I find this to be true every time I go walking. Here are some benefits of walking everyday:

  1. Improves your waistline
  2. Improves your hearth health
  3. Reduces arthritis pain
  4. Improves your attitude and boosts your mood
  5. Can lower your blood pressure
  6. Improves your balance and coordination
  7. Reduces body fat
  8. Reduces stress, check out my blog yesterday on how to decrease stress.
  9. Strengthens your bones
  10. Good for your brain
  11. Boosts your immunity
  12. Gives you time to think and sort things out
  13. Helps you sleep better at night
  14. Helps you appreciate the beauty of nature
  15. Allows you to go out and take pictures at the same time

There are more but those are the biggies! All these benefits can happen for you with just 20 minutes of walking a day:) Even if you can’t walk in nature, but have to walk in the city you can still enjoy most of these benefits! Do yourself a favor and go for a walk!


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Day 106 of 365: Quick Tips on How to take better portraits!


Day 106: Quick tips to take better portraits with your DSLR. This photo above is of a great young high school senior that I took at Hyalite Reservoir in Montana.

  1. The right lens: I use an 85mm f1.8 lens, another good lens is a 50mm f1.8 lens.
  2. The right white balance. I have found that adding an amber colored filter over my speed light or using a gold colored reflector when working outdoors adds a nice warm hue to the skin tones, which is more attractive than cool skin tones. The above photo I took in the evening sun light which is also a good option. Set your white balance to match the current lighting situation.
  3. The right ISO. Set your ISO (the camera’s sensitivity) to 200-400 range.
  4. The right aperture. Set the f/stop from 5.6-9.0. The wider the aperture the more blurred the background will be. Beware, you run the risk of your subject not being in focus, especially if all of the subject is not in the same plane.
  5. Set the right focus. Set your camera to single area AF, focus on the eyes. The sharpest part of a portrait should be the eyes.
  6. Try to always shoot in RAW. It gives you more information and allows you to do more in photo editing.
  7. Lastly, a good rapport with your subject. This helps them to feel more comfortable and you will be better able to capture their true personality!

I hope this helps! Portraits are fun to do! Go out and try these tips when you shoot your next portrait.