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Day 124 of 365: Sun, where are you?


Day 124: Sun where are you? Sharing a poem I wrote about that elusive golden orb in the sky.

Oh sun, Oh sun!

Where have you gone?

A sun to warm us,

to turn snow into rain,

to turn brown to green,

to beckon us outside,

to turn on the bird’s song,

I hope your coming won’t take long!


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Day 113 of 365: Limerick and a Photo


Day 113: A limerick and a photo. Sharing a winter photo of some trees lining a driveway and a limerick that goes with it:

  • My eyes were instantly drawn to these,
  • these graceful, delicate, artful trees,
  • symmetry, symmetry,
  • a shot that speaks to me,
  • boasting of its beauty in the breeze.

Thought I would share this limerick with St. Patrick’s Day coming soon. Limericks are said to have originated in Ireland.

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Day 109 of 365: Revisiting Limericks

road lined with sunflowers

Day 109: Revisiting limericks! When I first started my blog I was writing limericks and posting my photos. I thought I would share one I wrote about a year ago. It goes like this:

  • This gravel road is very dear,
  • as our new house site is quite near,
  • where antelope play,
  • and horses eat hay,
  • there’s no better place on this hemisphere!

Let me know what you think! Limericks are fun to write!

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